A car is nowadays not only just means of transport but also an image of its owner therefore it’s extremely important to keep the car clean. Regular washing in the city is sometimes a huge problem and our company suggests ideal decision – dry car wash that is becoming more popular.


The main advantage of the service proposed by our company is simplicity. The car wash takes some minutes and your iron friend will shine as a new one. No water. No multiple operations. Just special liquid and duster. That’s it.


This innovative technology allows us providing car wash distantly so that you could wasting no time. We are taking care about you and your car.


Our company proposes different packages of the car wash proposed so that you might choose an ideal one. Besides of exterior wash our specialists propose also interior cleaning, air-freshening, vacuuming and other additional services.  


The liquid using for the dry car wash is absolutely safe for the paint and for its owner. We don’t forget about ecology and protect our clients from harmful agents. The service is available for all car models because the liquid is universal.


We recommend ordering the service in advance because the dry car wash is extremely popular and its popularity is constantly increasing. The peak periods are week-ends and days before holidays. Everyone wants his car to be clean and shining.