An automobile is not regarded nowadays only as a means of transport. It underlines the social status of its owner, creates his image, etc. Buying new auto it is extremely important to follow operation recommendations. On the one hand technical side is crucial one but on the other hand auto detailing must be provided appropriately.
This complex of procedures includes car wash, vacuuming, car valeting, etc. Nowadays such method as waterless wash is becoming more and more popular because it has a range of advantages over the traditional way of car wash.
Waterless wash allows cleaning a car ideally without any streaks that is almost impossible in case of water using. Besides it economizes time because waterless car wash will take about 15-20 minutes. One more important characteristic is providing protecting coating on the paint surface.
This technology uses special liquid that contains no harmful components. Such liquid is absolutely safe both for cars and peoples.
Auto detailing must be provided only in the certified centres and provided by qualified specialists.