Scientific progress simplifies our lives and helps us to economize our time. New methods and equipment are being invented in different spheres including auto detailing. It is not necessary to use water for cleaning a car. Nowadays special liquids exist that are much more effective and at the same time eco-friendly. So they guarantee perfect results and protect the environment. Excellent combo.

Car detailing mobile has one more advantage. The service is being provided at home therefore you don’t need to spend your time. Deal with your matters while qualified specialists are making your car clean as a new one.

Standardized package of services includes also interior vacuuming and some elements polishing. It takes about 45 minutes. If necessary you may order additional services. There are proposed 5 different packages but detailing in this case may take up to 3 hours.

The service is convenient for all car owners, especially in large cities because it is quite hard to find 1 or more hours for visiting car wash and your car should be kept in order ‘cause it is reflection of its owner.