Nowadays automobile look like real masterpieces but in order to save their elegance regular cleaning is necessary. Doing it is sometimes difficult because lack of time but innovative method of waterless car wash allows solving this problem the most effectively.

Car detailing services that provide such kind of auto detailing use no water for wash but special liquids that have unique characteristics. They remove mud and dust from the car surface and protect the paintwork from small scratches. At the same time the liquids are eco-friendly and safe for people, animals and environment.

The most obvious advantage of such service is the possibility of house-call. A team of qualified specialists will arrive and clean your car. Besides, additional services are proposed. Every element of your car can be polished and the auto will look as a new one. Select the most appropriate package on our web-site. The list of services is also indicated there.

Waterless car wash provided by our company may take from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The time depends on package chosen.