You think that car wash takes a lot of time and is a huge problem for car owners in a city? Forget about it. There are new innovative methods that make your car clean and shining and economize your time. Waterless car detailing is gaining popularity because of it’s extremely convenience.

Water is not necessary nowadays for car cleaning. The specialists use eco-friendly liquids that remove mud and dust from the car surface. The liquids not only effectively clean your car but also protect it of small scratches.

The most prominent advantage is mobility of the service. You order car detailing, a team of qualified specialists immediately arrives at necessary place and do the procedure. Everything takes about 45 minutes. You may order other packages that include additional services if necessary. In this case car wash mobile will be provided in some 1-3 hours but complete detailing makes your car shining both interior and exterior.

If you have some questions our managers will answer them with pleasure.