The sphere of car detailing is highly influenced by scientific progress and it simplifies lives of car owners because nowadays they don’t need to look for a car wash in their district. It is possible to order the service at home and a team of qualified specialists will immediately arrive and clean a car.
Car detailing services may be waterless i.e. use special liquids instead of water. They remove mud and dust from the car surface quickly and effectively. Speciation of the liquid is unique but there proposed some analogues. Be careful because such alternative variants may be dangerous both for auto and for people.
Ordering such service in specialized respected company guarantees qualitative result. You may also choose a package of services from several proposed. Besides cleaning it is possible to order polishing, dressing, vacuuming of different car elements in order to make your car look like a new one.
Waterless car detailing services take from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the package you will have chosen.