One of the most popular and demanded services nowadays is waterless car detailing. This innovative technology has plenty of advantages over traditional car wash and you may order it in our company.

Foremost, mobile car wash can be provided at any place of a city because it needs no water and special equipment. Our professionals use liquids that are extremely effective at removing mud and dust from the car surface protecting paintwork from small scratches at the same time. So our service is always available, at any time you demand it.

Quality of the service is the most important task for our company therefore we use only certified liquids that are safe for car and people and also eco-friendly. Waterless car detailing may be ordered in different packages. The basic one includes interior vacuuming, outside windows polishing, carwash itself and some other services. You may select other packages with more services if necessary. The basic carwash takes about 45 minutes and the time directly depends on your choice.

If you want your car interior and exterior to be perfectly clean apply our specialists at any convenient time and order the proposed services.