Nowadays keeping a car clean becomes much simpler. The technology of automobile wash is being modernized fundamentally. It is not necessary anymore using water for removing mud and dust from the surface of your car. Special liquids perform this function better. They guarantee more effective cleaning and temporally protection of the surface from small scratches.
Car wash detailing that is proposed according to this technology became extremely popular quite often. A car owner wastes no time – he or she orders service and qualified specialists provide it at client’s home or in other indicated place where an auto is parked. The service takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the services chosen. It is possible to order additional cleaning, dressing, polishing, vacuuming of interior and exterior elements.
It is important that liquids are used only eco-friendly therefore they are totally safe both for people and for the environment.
The service may be provided at any convenient time. It is enough to call a manager and order an appropriate package of services.