When you are a car owner you undoubtedly want to clean the auto regularly. Traditional car wash demands waiting several hours but only few people have enough time because we all are constantly in a rush. Thankfully we obtained revolutionary technology that uses no water and allows getting an auto perfectly clean. It is called mobile car wash.
The service is being provided distantly. You need cleaning? Just call managers and indicate necessary date and place. A team of qualified specialists apply specialized liquids that have brilliant effect. Due to their unique composition mud and dust is effectively removed from the car surface.
Additional services are also available. Specialists may polish your car, provide vacuuming of the interior and offer other services.
This service may be ordered permanently because it does no harm for autos. Liquids are eco-friendly and safe for both car surface and for people or animals.
Waterless car cleaning takes approximately 1 hour but its duration depends on the service package.