Scientific progress is observed in all spheres including even auto detailing. Earlier car owners had to visit car washes regularly for maintaining their cars clean. That had been taking much time but innovative service has appeared that allows cleaning an auto without using any water.
Special liquids that consist of several active components are applied and results are brilliant: a clean shining car without any stains.
Such car detailing has plenty of advantages and almost no disadvantages.
Positive features of the service are the following:
· Mechanical influence on car paintwork is excluded.
· This procedure takes less time than traditional detailing.
· The procedure is offered distantly: at home, at work, at parking place.
· Such kinds of pollutions as spatters, bird lime, etc. are removed perfectly
· Car detailing prices are lower than traditional wash cost.
Among negative features there can be pointed out risk of dealing with unqualified technicians who may do harm to your car surface.
So apply our company where the most qualified and experienced specialists work and enjoy perfect cleanness of your car.