Most car owners dream about a service that allows cleaning car without any efforts: at any time and place but wait… such service has already appeared. Mobile car wash is brilliant alternative to the traditional auto detailing because it helps economizing time.
You just contact managers, tell when you want to get your auto clean and shining and finally indicate place of the procedure providing. The majority of people order at home car detailing service after a working day.
The specialists use appropriate liquids instead of water. On the one hand they remove effectively mud and dust from the car surface and on the other hand they protect paintwork from scratches.
Additionally various services may be ordered. Our company proposes several packages of services that meet personal demands of every client. Price and duration of providing depend on the particular package.
Quality of mobile detailing directly depends on two factors: qualification of specialists and type of liquids. Our technicians are well-experienced and they use the most effective and eco-friendly remedies only.