Earlier cars were regarded as objects of luxury but nowadays it is just necessity taking into account rush of the modern life. On the hand it is rather convenient but on the other hand demands special hair. Car cleaning and polishing is needed regularly in order not to allow accumulation of mud and dust on its surface. Your auto should have presentable appearance because a car is a reflection of his owner image.
Car detailing is provided by various companies and range of services is rather wide but traditional car wash nowadays loses its popularity because new revolutionary technology appeared – waterless detailing that intends using no water. Special liquids remove effectively mud and dust protecting car surface from small scratches for some time.
The main advantage of such service is possibility to provide car wash at home. You haven’t to waste your time anymore. A team of qualified specialist arrive at indicated place in any convenient time. Besides, it is possible to select complex of services. Standardized package includes interior and exterior cleaning and takes about 45 minutes.
This technology is absolutely safe both for your can and for people.